AIPU FOOD’s Soy Sauce Powder Application in Rice Cracker Seasonings

Rice is not only a staple food, but can also be processed into various puffed snacks, such as rice crackers, rice cakes, etc. These snacks have the fragrance of rice and a crunchy mouthfeel.

Rice cracker is made of rice and soy sauce flavored seasonings. AIPU FOOD’s soy sauce powder has a unique Asian-flavor and is widely used in seasonings. It can provide more umami flavor to rice crackers.

AIPU FOOD’s soy sauce powder is spray-dried from fermented soy sauce via a patented embedding Spray Drying Technology. Through this technology, the characteristic flavor and texture of soy sauce can be retained. Besides, this technology can also reduce the unpleasant charring and oxidation odor of common soy sauce. It is more convenient for customers to store and transfer powder soy sauce products than liquid ones.

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CAUTION: All recommended applications are for reference. Please check your country's regulations and have sufficient tests before use.