Disodium Succinate

Disodium succinate is a flavor enhancer widely used in savory foods. It delivers a unique dried scallop flavor and can boost the umami flavor when blended with other savory ingredients.


AIPU FOOD’s disodium succinate is thermal stable. It has a good effect in enhancing the flavor of high temperature processed foods, and a good compatibility with other seasonings.



Pure taste.

Low dosage and obvious effect.

Application Recommendation


Recommended dosage


Recommended dosage

Chicken bouillon




Pickling sauce


Soup bases



Notes: All recommended applications are for reference only. Please refer to local regulations before use. Pre-experiments are highly suggested before production.



A: Disodium succinate delivers a unique seafood flavor and can boost the umami flavor when blended with MSG (monosodium glutamate), I+G (disodium 5’-ribonucleotide) and hydrolyzed vegetable protein compound products. It helps reduce the dosage of expensive flavor enhancers such as I+G.

Product Recommendation

Product Appearance: White powder.
Product Feature: Basic product, seafood/shellfish flavor.
Application: Disodium succinate can be utilized with a wide range of ingredients and cooking methods to boost the flavor of all kinds of dishes, east or west. Compatible with all kinds of seasonings and savory flavors and used to enhance food flavor and umami taste.