Salty Seasonings


AIPU FOOD has been constantly developing innovative flavor and taste formulas and application technologies, and devoting ourselves to assimilating authentic flavors from home kitchen into our salty seasoning products.


AIPU FOOD has developed abundant salty seasoning products to help industrial catering customers and individual catering users realize the color, aroma and taste of delicacies through simple and easy cooking skills, making cooking easier and combining fun and delicacy during cooking.




Made from natural materials through Millard Reaction.

Mild flavor, rich and mellow taste, close to nature.

Free from irritating odor , offering clients a realistic application effect.




Product types



Beef seasonings

Rich in stewed cattle bone flavor, specific umami of stew.

Flavoring powders for snacks such as potato chips, spicy hot snacks, prawn crackers; instant noodles, broth, beef jerky, hot pot soup base, catering seasonings.

Beef sauce

Over-fired stewed beef flavor and taste with rich meaty flavor.

Sauce packet, processed meat, snacks like dried tofu and fish fry, broth, sauce products, catering seasonings.

Red braising sauce

Perfect combination of sauce fragrance and caramel color.

Catering seasonings (cooking techniques involving marinating, stir-frying, stewing, gradual simmering, cold dressing in sauce, etc.)

Chicken seasonings

Rich in natural chicken flavor, resistant to cooking.

Flavoring powders for snacks such as potato chips and spicy hot snacks; broth, hot pot soup base, catering seasonings.


Notes: Recommended dosage hereon is only for reference. Please refer to and comply with local regulations before use. Meanwhile, we suggest manufacturers conduct trial tests for terminal products to ensure the optimal additive proportion.






A: AIPU FOOD is equipped with sound quality control system and the QA & QC Department is equipped with professional organoleptic review staff. We conduct organoleptic investigation to each batch of outbound products to guarantee the uniformity of product quality.

A: AIPU FOOD hereby promises seriously that there is absolutely no added preservative in seasoning products. We apply specific technique to decrease water activity, optimize the production environment, emphasize the safety training of workers on the production line and make sure the products able to maintain good quality during their shelf life.

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