AIPU FOOD’s Caramel Color Application in Liquid Condiments

Caramel color is widely used in seasonings such as soy sauce, vinegar, etc., bringing attractive and appealing color to foods. It can also be used in other liquid condiments such as Worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce and cooking wine.

Worcestershire sauce is a kind of fermented condiment. It looks thin and brown, and tastes sour, spicy and umami. This condiment is usually made of vinegar, soy sauce, anchovy and sugar. In addition to serving as a dipping sauce, this sauce can also spice up cocktails

Oyster sauce is made of oyster extracts, salt, sugar, starch and other ingredients. It looks thick and reddish-brown. Oyster sauce can add a savory flavor to dishes. Oyster sauce and spicy seasoning are not good companions, as the spice may cover the umami of the oyster sauce.

Cooking wine is usually applied in Chinese cuisine to remove fishy smell and add fragrance to dishes. It is made of rice wine, salt and other ingredients. The color of cooking wine ranges from golden to amber. After being heated, the alcohol of cooking wine will evaporate with fishy smell, and the fragrance will remain.

AIPU FOOD’s caramel color has an odor of burnt sugar. It can not only provide an appealing color, but also enhance the original flavor and taste of foods.

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CAUTION: All recommended applications are for reference. Please check your country's regulations and have sufficient tests before use.