AIPU FOOD’s Disodium Succinate Application in Surimi Products

Surimi is made of minced fish, mixed with seasonings and other ingredients. Common surimi products include fish balls, fish tofu, chikuwa, etc. It has a soft, springy texture, and a salty, umami taste.

Surimi products can be cooked in different manners in various cuisines. In China, they are popular dishes in hot pot. While in Japan, they are usually served with oden or udon noodles.

AIPU FOOD’s disodium succinate is a flavor enhancer widely used in savory foods. It can be applied in seasonings of surimi products and effectively enhance the umami taste. AIPU FOOD’s disodium succinate is thermal stable. It has a good effect in enhancing the flavor of high temperature processed foods, and a good compatibility with other seasonings.

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CAUTION: All recommended applications are for reference. Please check your country's regulations and have sufficient tests before use.